LaRouche: Nothing is Sacred to Obama--Except Opportunism
July 25, 2008 • 8:59PM

JULY 25, 2008 (LPAC)—Lyndon LaRouche today observed that "nothing is sacred to Senator Barack Obama, except for his unbridled opportunism. When it comes to serving his ambitions, there is nothing that the Senator will not do."

LaRouche's comments were directed to media coverage of the would-be Democratic Party Presidential nominee's just-concluded world tour, during which he visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. "It reeked so badly of cheap political theater, that I was just stunned," LaRouche commented.

Although Senator Obama's early morning visit to the sacred site in Jerusalem was not on his pre-announced schedule, Obama posters were plastered near the Wailing Wall, just before he arrived, according to news accounts, and the text of a handwritten note by Sen. Obama, which was placed in a crack in the Wailing Wall, as per tradition, was stolen and published soon afterwards in the Israeli daily newspaper Maariv, causing a further firestorm of protests.