LaRouche on the Fed: "My Instructions Stand"
August 6, 2008 • 5:36PM

Lyndon LaRouche today reiterated his videotaped National Emergency Statement issued yesterday, August 5, in response to the Federal Reserve's decision to hold U.S. interest rates at 2%.

"My instructions stand," LaRouche said. "If the policy continues, lots of Americans will actually die because of this. If they don't do as I said, there is going to be hell: people will suffer, the death rate will go up."

"People are going to find out; they are going to learn a hard lesson. And unfortunately a lot of Americans are going to suffer because of cowardice in the Fed. The Fed prefers to please the British, rather than defend the interests of the United States.

"These people have betrayed the country," LaRouche concluded. "They should get the credit for betraying the country."