Lord Malloch Brown, Soros Man Is British Conduit To Obama
August 16, 2008 • 11:31AM

(LPAC) The following article will appear in the Aug. 22, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Lord Malloch Brown, Soros Man Is British Counduit to Obama

by Anton Chaitkin

Denouncing British agent George Soros for his hand in London-led efforts to trigger World War III, Lyndon LaRouche said on Aug. 9, "If you want a preview of what the United States would be like under a President Barack Obama, just look at Georgia's recent actions. Georgian President Saakashvili, like Obama, is owned by the same British godfather—George Soros. Would Soros's man Obama be another Dick Cheney if he got into office?"

A Feb. 24, 2008 London Times interview sheds some light on the matter: Obama's longtime foreign policy advisor Samantha Power revealed that, "the principal conduit between Britain and the candidate has been Lord Malloch Brown, the junior foreign minister, whom Obama came to admire when he [Malloch Brown] was deputy secretary-general of the United Nations. '[Obama] was really taken with him. It's a relationship that has persisted and they have talked a number of times since.'"

Two weeks after this revelation, or boast, Power was forced out of the Obama campaign staff, due to her remark on March 6 that Hillary Clinton "is a monster."

Since Power's little-noticed February interview, a new light has been thrown on the these relationships:

* Lord Malloch Brown and George Soros together formed and financed the present government of Georgia and their apparatus ran the recent catastrophic war provocation against Russia; and by the fact that,

* All three, the British official, candidate Obama, and political operative Samantha Power, have each been purchased by billionaire speculator Soros.

The Triple Payoff

In a 2004 forum, Power commented on her 2003 book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, that no one was interested in it: "My book and my research was utterly unsustainable on the free market. If I hadn't been able to get a grant from George Soros and the Open Society Institute, there is no way that I could have done the kind of investigative reporting that I needed to do."

In 2004, Soros put together $60,000 for Obama's campaign for the U.S. Senate. Then a little-known state senator, Obama was the only candidate in the country with whom Soros met personally, and Soros later brought Obama to his New York home for a fundraising event.

Once Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate, he met with Samantha Power to discuss her Soros-financed book. She joined his Senate staff in 2005, educating him on how to carry out the British empire policy of destroying national sovereignty in Africa.

Soros and Malloch Brown were a political team working the British manipulations in the Balkans conflicts, back in the early 1990s, when Power took up the British line in her assignments reporting those conflicts for the Economist of London and other publications. Malloch Brown stayed in a Soros-owned apartment, and eventually became vice president of Soros's Quantum Fund; and there were other perks. In her 2008 book, Chasing the Flame, on UN negotiator Sergio Vieira de Mello, who was killed in Iraq in 2003, Power reports that Vieira and his buddy, fellow U.N. official Malloch Brown, shared the same mistress.

Malloch Brown has increasingly been found at Powers' side: Since her own 2003 sponsorship by Soros, he has spoken at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, founded at Harvard University by Powers. And in various venues the two have drummed up regime changes and destabilizations in Africa and Asia—his assigned British imperial task.

On Dec. 4, 2006, Powers' putative boss, Senator Obama, met with her financial backer Soros, in Soros's Manhattan office for a one-hour interview. Soros then took Obama into a conference with a dozen ultra-wealthy political donors, key among them UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland/Swiss Bank) U.S. chief Robert Wolf, and hedge fund manager Orin Kramer. A month later, finances assured, Obama publicly announced he was running for President. Soros himself staged two colossal fundraising events for Obama, in April and May, 2007. By that time Robert Wolf had raised $500,000 for the Obama candidacy, and the Billionaires' Club was solidly on board.

One may thus have full confidence that Samantha Power was in a position to know about the confidential relations between Obama and the Lord Malloch Brown, when she spilled the beans to the London Times last February.