Soros Seeks De-Criminalization
August 29, 2008 • 11:31AM

George Soros, who at the age of 14 assisted Adolf Eichmann's program of the mass murder of Jews in Hungary, seeks de-criminalization in Massachusetts.

Associated Press reported yesterday, that "A measure that would decriminalize minor marijuana-possession cases is on the ballot in Massachusetts largely because of one man: billionaire financier and liberal activist George Soros. Of the $429,000 collected last year by the group advancing the measure, $400,000 came from Soros, who has championed similar efforts in several states and spent $24 million to fight President Bush's 2004 re-election bid. The Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy needed about $315,000 of that just to collect the more than 100,000 signatures that secured a spot on the ballot, according to campaign finance reports reviewed by The Associated Press." LPAC has shown, that Soros recently completed a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic Party, and a forthcoming article in EIR magazine will reportedly show how Soros and company have similarly financially taken over other aspects of the U.S. political process such as petitioning and voter-registration.