Stop Soros and the British Project To Legalize Drugs!
September 2, 2008 • 11:01PM

Following is a statement released by Maximiliano Londono, President of the LaRouche Association of Colombia, on September 2, 2008.

On September 3, the second conference of the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, whose fundamental purpose is to create the conditions for legalizing illegal drugs worldwide, will be held in Bogota, Colombia. This Commission has been financed by George Soros, mega-speculator and economic hitman for the British Empire.

The activities of this Commission represent a national security threat, a danger to world peace and, in particular, a crime against the youth of every nation of the world. Governments should shut down the activities of this Soros group; the same Soros who not only promotes drug consumption, but who also seeks to provoke a war between Russia and the United States, a war which, once started, would obviously end in thermonuclear world war. Soros operates in the terrain of international financial speculation like the pirates of Sir Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake, at the service of her Gracious British Majesty.

To understand who George Soros really is, one must remember that at age fourteen, this Terminator became a Hitlerian activist and fully enjoyed the role, and he didn't even blush over the fact that he did this, coming from a Jewish family. Soros' father left him under the guardianship of an official of the Nazi occupation government who was in charge of seizing the goods, and even the gold dentures, of the Jews who were going to be murdered. For nearly two years, the young Soros, as he himself has told the news media (for example, WNET TV on April 15, 1993), enjoyed this experience which forged his character, More than a half million Hungarian Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Governments everywhere should ban the activities of this ominous Commision, which represents a crime against humanity. To impose drug legalization in the United States, and therefore in the rest of the world, Soros has decided to make Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan, in particular, into bloody examples that will serve to prove to the nations of the planet the supposed uselessness of fighting illegal drugs. The military and political victories of the Alvaro Uribe government in Colombia against FARC narcoterrorism, and the optimism unleashed in the country and in the region by these actions, have put Colombia in the crosshairs of the drug legalization lobbyists, who fear that their whole blackmail strategy could fall apart if it is proven that it is possible to defeat the drug trade and terrorism.

The conferences of Soros' Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy intend to pave the way for the 10 Year Evaluation of the UN General Assembly on Drugs, to be held in March 2009, to adopt the European focus (legalization, decriminalization, provision of drugs and syringes to addicts, etc.) It is no coincidence that the next meeting of the Soros commission will be held in Mexico City, in February of 2009. In parallel, the Transnational Institute of Amsterdam, also financed by Soros, is actively promoting the legalization of opium in Afghanistan. 18 drug legalization "gurus," led by the trio of treasonous expresidents Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil and Ernesto Zedillo of Mexco, are heading this Soros commission, which is joining its efforts to those of the global web of foundations and NGOs of Soros and other British assets, whose purpose is to make recreational drugs available to the whole world, by legalizing its consumption and cheapening its cost. The dream of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy is that there be a world of mental cretins, drug addicts and the drugged, easily controlled by a tiny group of would-be masters of humanity, the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, Orwell's "1984" and H.G. Wells' "The Fate of Man."

The decriminalization of drugs and their eventual legalization is presented as the panacea to reduce violence and crime associated with the illegal nature of the drug trade. It is also argued that poor drug addicts, already scorned and persecuted, find themselves exposed to serious additional health risks because of contaminated needles. Why not provide them with their dose of drugs, places where they could consume them, and syringes and all the other necessary instruments for their pleasureable activity? With this seductive language, the dug legalizers hope to recruit to their ranks the generations which have been exposed to the drug counter-culture, sexual perversions and religious cults which found fertile ground starting in the mid-1960s with the so-called Aquarius or New Age revolution.

Just as U.S. economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche has described in detail, that generation of the '68ers (Baby Boomers), who used every orifice of their bodies for the most improbable and obscene purposes, today make up a large percentage of the managers, executives and presidents of nations. This embrace of British libertarianism and the thesis of the Open Society of Karl Popper (the beloved mentor of George Soros), has led the world into the worst crsis of economic and financial disintegrations, and to the threat of a new world war, this time a thermonuclear one. Soros has financed and made into celebrities such war provocateurs as current Georgian President Mijáil Saakashvili, as well as Barack Obama in the United States.

The blows that have been dealt the FARC, especially, have raised the potential for making the regional agenda into one of cooperation among nations, to make possible the construction of large infrastructure projects such as the Colombo-Venezuelan railroad, proposed by President Hugo Chavez and accepted by Uribe; as well as the possible opening up of the Colombo-Venezuelan plains for the mass production of food. Also discussed with President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva has been the promotion of water corridors that will serve as means of transportation through the Amazon and Putumayo river systems, with the view to seeking a Pacific Ocean outlet for Brazil.

But Soros and the British financial oligarchy that runs him have a different plan. Colombia, which has paid a brutal price in blood due to the activities of the drug cartels, is supposed to serve as an example, to demonstrate the apparent futility of fighting the drug trade. This was the very message which Ernesto Samper presented to the world, when he organized the conference "Marijuana, Myth and Reality" a few decades ago, while he was serving as president of Colombia's National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF). Samper told an audience of 700 legalizers from around the globe, who were meeting in the Hilton Hotel in Bogota: if Colombia does not legalize druge, starting with marijuana, the country will find itself dragged through a wave of terrorism that will destroy all the national institutions, until it finally accepts drug legalization. This is the same British drug legalizaton project that the late President Alfonso Lopez Michelsen and Enrique Santos Calderon (member of the Soros commission and director of the newspaper El Tiempo) have promoted, on the pretext of bringing "peace" to Colombia and the world.

It's time that Colombia and the rest of the world say "no" to Soros, "no" to the drug trade, and "no" to the dying international financial system which promotes them, and which is in its violent death throes.


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