LaRouche Interviewed On Indian TV
October 20th, 2008 • 9:55am •


Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed live today via satellite for a television broadcast on "India This Week," a prime time weekly news program on India's best and most watched TV channel, NDTV. The program was aired live on national TV at 9 PM India time, with an estimated 11 to 15 million viewers. LaRouche was introduced as a former U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate, and pictured in front of the White House during the interview conducted by news anchor Natasha Jog in New Delhi. LaRouche then responded to questions.

On the subject of global financial collapse:

LaRouche: "We're in a crisis which is comparable in category, to what happened in Europe in the 14th century with what was called the New Dark Age. This is a crisis immediately caused by the quadrillions of dollars, outstanding obligations in the derivatives category. And the system is crashing; it's going to a terminal end unless an immediate reform is made, which will involve a number of countries coming to an agreement, around the idea of what's called a New Bretton Woods. Without that, we're headed for a New Dark Age."

On the question of this being the biggest collapse in modern history:

LaRouche: "Absolutely, unless we stop it. We can stop it. But if we don't take the measures necessary to stop it, we shall be in a breakdown crisis of civilization globally."

On the subject of a bailout:

LaRouche: "There is no possibility that a bailout would work. You're in a situation which is comparable, in some features, to Germany 1923, in which you're caught between hyperinflation, and collapse. And slight movements will move things in one way or the other. We could move to an immediate collapse, at almost any time. That is, a breakdown crisis of the system. We were very close to it recently in the United States—this is global.

We could also come to an agreement, particularly among the United States, Russia, China, and India—as initiating partners—to get out of this mess."

On the subject of a new international financial agreement:

LaRouche: "Without that agreement, which has to include also Russia and the United States, it's not possible, in time, to save the world system."

On the subject of what LaRouche would do:

LaRouche: "I'd do what I'm already doing. I would go to Russia and propose that they take the initiative in conjunction with China and India, and other countries, but those countries in particular, to approach the United States, on the idea of a New Bretton Woods Conference. Under those conditions, we can mobilize the planet, sufficiently, to stop this crisis."