LaRouche Demands: No Job For Soros And Malloch-Brown Agent Samantha Power
November 7, 2008 • 7:35PM

Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that, in the interests of the people of Africa, President-elect Obama must deny any post in his incoming administration to Samantha Power. Power, a longstanding policy adviser to Sen. Obama, is a close ally and asset of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office's leading genocidalist, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who is now engaged in a filthy campaign to slaughter millions in the Great Lakes region of Africa, through his intervention into the ongoing crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, Power has been on the payroll of the British Foreign Office's leading Western Hemispheric promoter of the narcotics trade, George Soros, for years.

Despite the fact that she was forced to formally resign from the Obama campaign last winter, after she made crude public remarks, targeting Obama's then-Democratic primary rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Power has remained in the inner circle around Sen. Obama, and her name has been frequently mentioned for a senior White House or State Department post.

Executive Intelligence Review magazine first exposed Power's association with Lord Malloch-Brown and George Soros on Aug. 22, 2008, in an article by Anton Chaitkin, identifying her as the source of a London Times report that Malloch-Brown was the official liason between the British government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Obama campaign. Power boasted to the Times that Obama "came to admire [Malloch-Brown] when he was deputy secretary-general of the United Nations. 'Obama was really taken with him. It's a relationship that has persisted and they have talked a number of times since."'

Power was bankrolled in 2003 by George Soros' Open Society Institute, after failing to find any commercial publisher for her promotion of "humanitarian interventionism." Foreign Office operative Malloch-Brown has, in fact, been London's chief "handler" of dirty money speculator Soros for decades. Prior to taking a senior post at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Malloch-Brown served as vice chairman of Soros' offshore Quantum Fund hedge fund, and the Open Society Institute. Soros and Malloch-Brown were pivotal in the so-called "Rose Revolution" in Georgia, that installed Mikhael Saakashvili into power, and they subsequently bankrolled his government. In the summer of 2008, Saakashvili launched a military assault against South Ossetia, aimed at provoking a new Caucasus war between Russia and NATO.

Now, Malloch-Brown is leading the drive for the biggest genocide ever in Africa. "I call on President-elect Obama to drop Ms. Power from his team, now, for the sake of Africa. No one associated with someone like Lord Malloch-Brown, who has the blood of potentially millions of innocent Africans on his hands, should be permitted anywhere near the White House. After eight years of Bush-Cheney genocide around the globe, enough is enough," LaRouche concluded.