British Papers Keep Up Threats To Assassinate Obama
November 17, 2008 • 11:32AM

London media persist in promoting the line that the murder of the U.S. President-elect is a strong possibility. They attribute the threat to lower-class white racists, or they mix Arab terrorists into the stew. No matter what specific spin they put on the story, the overwhelming fact remains: The British media is building a climate of expectation for an assassination of President-elect Obama, and it grids precisely with British oligarchical intentions to destroy the United States through yet another assassination of an American President.

The London Independent headlines, "White rage: The rednecks out to kill Obama," saying that because he is black, racists will continue to plot to kill him, and all it takes is official incompetence for someone to succeed. Lurid details are provided about various losers who have been detected preparing the killing.

The paper muses about the weaponry assassins might use: "They had the guns. Gartrell [had] a Ruger Model M77 Mark II bolt-action rifle with an attached scope and bipod, and a Remington Model 721, also with a scope." And the London paper pushes the white-versus-black Armageddon scenario for the U.S.A.: "They were believers in a radical white supremacist ideology that gave them the motivation they needed to risk their own lives, if necessary, to prevent a black man from entering the Oval Office. (Or, as a friend reported [a plotter named] Adolf as saying: 'No nigger should ever live in the White House.')"

Meanwhile Rupert Murdoch's London Times threatens Obama with a terrorist hit. "Barack Obama is warned to beware of a huge threat from al-Qaeda. Security officials fear a spectacular during the transition period. Barack Obama is being given ominous advice from leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to brace himself for an early assault from terrorists...."