LaRouche: Obama's Stupidity Makes Him Expendable for the British
November 17, 2008 • 5:08PM

In the middle of the highest level of racist threats and incidents in years—being played by up British commentaries every day—Barack Obama is "doing everything that proves how absolutely useless" he is, thereby "signing his own death warrant," warned Lyndon LaRouche. "We're trying to keep him alive, because we don't want the guy killed. And he's doing everything that proves how absolutely useless and what an impediment he is to anything that will work," LaRouche continued.

"The poor guy doesn't know what he is doing. The only way he can keep alive is by doing something intelligent; then they have to worry about that," LaRouche said. But if he acts expendable, the British "will expend him.... Because what they need, is they need a crisis. And there's nothing better for a crisis than killing an American President. And I think they would tend to do that. And if they figure out he's useless, they'll just do it with a chuckle."

"Obama's stupidity is his greatest health risk," LaRouche said.

Obama's first interview as President-elect, on the nationwide CBS-TV "Sixty Minutes" on Nov. 16th, was evidence of his stupidity in the face of the greatest economic breakdown crisis in history. In that interview, Obama praised "Hank" Paulson for working "tirelessly" on the "unprecedented crisis, or at least something we have not seen since the great depression." Obama paid lip service to being concerned over home foreclosures, saying that he will do something about this if action is not taken before he becomes President, but in the meantime, he has assigned a transition aide to work alongside "Hank."

When asked about the parallels to 1932 and the FDR solutions in the Great Depression, Obama stated that "we are not going through something like that" [emphasis added] yet, and therefore he is not going to repeat what FDR did in the 1930s, but is looking for new solutions that are appropriate to today.

Amazingly, on the disastrous effects of deregulation, he said, "hopefully, everybody's learned their lesson. And the answer is not heavy-handed regulations that crush the entrepreneurial spirit and risk taking of American capitalism"—a comment which echoes the final communique of the disastrous G-20 summit of Nov. 15.

At the same time, Associated Press reported in a national story that "race crimes around the country" have been spurred by the election of Obama. "Cross burnings. Schoolchildren chanting 'Assassinate Obama.' Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars," are all part of the national pattern.

On the report of further assassination threats to Obama, LaRouche said, "Well, I wouldn't be surprised. You know, given the forecast of what the risk is here. And I don't see anything to change that one bit. If Obama suddenly became very intelligent, and would try to serve his masters with some contribution of intelligence to his operation, they might find it better to keep him alive. But the way he's going, he's a discard. He's no use to anybody, the way he's talking. He hasn't done anything that's any use to anybody. And therefore he's expendable. That's what the British will use: if they think he's expendable, they'll expend him."