British-Soros and Molloch Brown Setting Up Obama Presidency for Quagmire in Africa
December 6, 2008 • 8:22PM

In a little over six weeks, when Barack Obama takes the oath of office, it is very likely that he will be faced with a series of crises in Africa, that will dwarf what President Bill Clinton had to cope with during his first term in office. This "Africa bomb" that is to be dropped on the new Administration, is being orchestrated by Sir Mark Malloch Brown of the British Foreign Office for Africa, in collaboration with George Soros, Britain's top foreign agent in the United States, who was also a major Obama supporter, with the acquiescence, if not enthusiastic participation of the failed Cheney-Bush Administration. Their aim is to place at the doorstep of the new Obama Administration, genocidal conflicts in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia, at the very moment that the Obama team will confronted with the greatest economic breakdown in known history.

Zimbabwe: Speaking from Copenhagen, U.S. Secretary of State Condolleezza Rice said: "It is well past time for Robert Mugabe to leave" and criticized the "sham elections" and shame "power sharing" agreements for a new government. Former archbishop of South Africa Desmond Tutu, a member of the The Elders, whose Cheif Exectuive is Princess Mabel, the former director of George Soros' Open Society Institute in Brussels, has called for African nations to militarily intervene to remove Mugabe from the Presidency of Zimbabwe, and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has also called for military intervention against Mugabe. The pretext for the escalation in recent days to remove Mugabe, is a cholera epidemic, which has already caused nearly 600 deaths, with over 12,000 sickened. This is being publicized as a "humanitarian crisis," when in fact it is precisely the intended result of a decade of organized economic strangulation of the Zimbabwean economy. Invoking former Prime Minster Tony Blair's policy of "liberal interventionism," as a justification for a military deployment to "rescue" the population from the deadly economic and health catastrophe they created, British-Soros networks are intent on the destruction of Zimbabwe, and the destabilization of Southern Africa, which will follow.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Again, using as a pretext, a genuine humanitarian crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of Congolese in the North Kivu province bordering Rwanda, George Soros has issued a public letter calling for British troops to be deployed into this war-torn region as a "solution" to the humanitarian disaster. Sir Malloch Brown has advocated the same type of military intervention. However, the British, in support of Laurent Nkunda and his allies in Rwanda, are responsible for the continuation of the genocidal polices that have led to the deaths of almost 6 million Congolese over the last decade. British-backed Nkunda has also announced his intent to overthrow the elected government of President Joseph Kabila.

Somalia: Somalia is suffering from the greatest humanitarian crisis of any place on this planet today, with 3 million of its people—nearly half of its population—in need of emergency relief, and 1 million internally displaced. The country is reported to be "hanging on by its fingernails" right on the edge of another famine. Somalia has been categorized as a "failed state" for 17 years. The U.S. policy, beginning in early 2006, leading to the Cheney-Bush- and Tony Blair-led invasion by Ethiopian troops in December 2006, and numerous missile attacks into the country in 2007 and 2008, has fueled the growth of anti-western Islamist militants to such a degree, that the flow of food, which the poor Somalis depend on, has been significantly curtailed, adding the humanitarian disaster. Now, at the point of collapse of the Transitional Federal Government, which been propped up by west, the UN Security Council is discussing sending 30,00 troops into Somalia, which will be a failed mission, just like the failed mission that "Bush 41" left at White House doorstep for President Clinton when he took office in 1993.