Soros Gang Complains Their Influence With Obama Has Hit a Wall
December 10, 2008 • 5:33PM

In a column in the Fabian Society's New Statesman, entitled "Dinner in New York with George Soros," Mark Leonard— executive director of the Soros-funded European Council on Foreign Relations—first brags of Soros' recent brilliant political successes, and then cries about blocked access to the President-elect:

"George Soros has invited me for dinner in his Central Park apartment... Soros has had an incredible year. He helped launch Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency with an early donation; put forward a plan to deal with the financial crisis that many say was Gordon Brown's inspiration; and he has a ringside seat on events in Georgia (Putin still blames the Soros Foundation in Tbilisi for causing the coloured revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine)....

"The next morning I join the hordes of European diplomats descending on Washington.... But Obama's people are not playing ball - he has forbidden anyone involved in the transition from talking to foreigners, so even my old friends on his team are cagey about meeting up.

"His loyal camp has yet another reason to be nervous: the naming of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. They thought they were in line for the best jobs, but now have to look on as Clintonistas are floated for key posts...."

Mark Leonard also laments that the Russians have spoiled the British/Soros game with Georgia: "As I fly into Tbilisi, memories flood back from my first visit to Georgia in 2005. I remember the infectious energy of President Mikhail Saakashvili and his fellow Rose Revolutionaries who had overthrown the government of Eduard Shevardnadze. It felt as if Ocean's Eleven had been given custody of the republic; a cabal of beautiful young people dashing around changing the country from top to bottom.....Now there is no exuberance. With Russian tanks stationed just 30 minutes from the capital, flying in helicopters is dangerous...."

In addition to heading Soros's European CFR, Mark Leonard founded Tony Blair's think tank, Foreign Policy Centre.