Soros' Lackeys Attack Obama's Cabinet Choices
December 14, 2008 • 7:46PM

The drumbeat of criticism of the incoming Obama Administration continues from the George Soros-funded stable of groups which backed Obama in the campaign, but are now turning against him as his Cabinet is picked.

Progressive Democrats of America head Tim Carpenter was quoted in Politico: "He [Obama] has confirmed what our suspicions were, by surrounding himself with a centrist-to-right-wing cabinet." And the head of Campaign for America's Future, Roger Hickey, said, "There's a concern that he keep his basic promises—and people are going to watch him."

These and others follow loud complaints against Obama's shaping of his administration, by top British Soros agent Mark Leonard, head of the European Council on Foreign Relations, which billionaire speculator Soros funds.

Lyndon LaRouche warned today that Soros will agitate Democrats to oppose confirmation of some of Obama Cabinet choices in the Senate; and will fight to pin Obama to continuation of the disastrous Wall Street bailout policies of the Bush-Paulson Treasury and the Bernanke Federal Reserve.

LaRouche insisted that the immoral fascist character of Soros' London-directed operations must be emphasized