Obama Picks Another Clinton Cabinet Member
December 14, 2008 • 7:54PM

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen another former Clinton cabinet member, Shaun Donovan, for the Cabinet-level appointment of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Obama announced yesterday that HUD would play a lead role in developing a "bold plan" to keep people from being foreclosed.

Donovan, 42, worked as HUD's head of multi-family housing, and as acting commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration under President Clinton. Since 2004, Donovan has headed New York City's housing agency, and its largest-in-the-nation affordable housing plan. Sheila Crowley, President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, called Donovan "a brilliant choice for HUD...who enjoys high regard across the spectrum of housing interests."

Another contender for the HUD post, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr., was selected to lead the new White House Office of Urban Policy, established to better coordinate Federal efforts to aid cities.

Referencing the freeze-out of Soros agents and the British by Obama to date, American Democratic Party statesman Lyndon LaRouche warned Americans to be prepared for George Soros attacks and dirty tricks, among Democrats, against the Senate confirmations of former Clinton cabinet members chosen by Obama.