Helga Zepp-LaRouche Keynotes Jan. 24th Paris Solidarité & Progrès Conference
January 26, 2009 • 2:14AM

More than 150 contacts participated in the Solidarité & Progrès (S&P) conference in downtown Paris on Jan. 24. The conference was keynoted by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of Germany's Civil Rights Movement Solidarity Party (BüSo), and S&P president Jacques Cheminade. Two French mayors also addressed the conference. The event was unprecedented.

Zepp-LaRouche opened up the afternoon session with a powerful presentation on Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for a Four Power alliance in the wake of U.S. President Barack Obama's inauguration, and of Lyndon LaRouche's Jan. 22 international webcast, bringing her in-depth strategic insight to the audience. Cheminade elaborated on the meaning of a New Bretton Woods fixed-exchange-rate system, blasting Keynes as the British imperialist framework against creativity. Both urged people to seize the opportunity we are catalyzing from the United States, to free Europe and France from the Maastricht stranglehold and the post-industrial paradigm.

The mayors spoke out about their fight for the very survival of their localities, providing a sensuous illustration of the true state of the economy. Many other mayors also sent contributions that were read aloud to the conference. One mayor from eastern France began by saying how he was recruited to our fight through 15 years of organizing, and launched an open dialogue with Jacques right there, with Jacques even trying to recruit him full time. Jacques closed with a speech focussed on the French momentum.

All that, combined with the question-and-answer dialogues, which focussed discussion essentially on creativity vs. Empire, science vs. environmentalism, communicated a very broad concept of what political economy is in a time of crisis. The sense of urgency and of individual commitment was always there, with Helga and Jacques being tough, but fun, and committed; and at their level, mayors also communicated a strong and natural sense of being responsible for the common good. It was hard for our contacts to keep up with this mental tension, but about 100 attended the whole six-hour event. Translations and transcriptions of the main speeches will be forthcoming. The videos of the conference will be available soon, on the S&P website.