The British Explode that Obama May Follow FDR
February 23, 2009 • 10:30PM

In an extraordinary freak-out published in the Sunday Times of London, the two smelly Browns, Gordon Brown and Lord Malloch-Brown, scream that Obama's team in Washington is not listening to them, is refusing to support the British effort to ram through a global financial dictatorship at the April 2 G-20 Summit in London, and, horror of horrors, may follow in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

Writes the Times: "British diplomats are warning that the summit must not be a repeat of a previous London meeting in 1933, called to agree on a response to the Great Depression. Franklin D Roosevelt, the US president, failed to attend, instead sending a radio message in which he berated the other world leaders for having the wrong policies to deal with the downturn."

Clearly fearing that LaRouche's advice is being heard in the White House, the Times adds that there are growing "doubts over the future of the historic 'special relationship' between Britain and the US. Unlike his many Anglophile predecessors, Obama has made it clear that America's future lies in building links with the emerging Asian economies."

The Times reports that Lord Malloch-Brown "admitted that (Gordon) Brown was struggling to persuade Obama to 'pay attention' to his ambitious plans for the G20 summit." Another (unnamed) British official complained that "We are struggling to get people even to return our calls."

The Times falsely claims that the reason for this failure to follow British orders is that the new Administration is preoccupied with domestic issues, and fails to appreciate Brown's "grand bargain" to "lift the world out of recession." They admit, nonetheless, that "without the active engagement of the world's biggest economy, any agreement at the meeting of industrial and developing countries would be dismissed by critics as worthless."

They did not mention the removal of the Churchill Bust from the White House.