Russia Announces World's Longest Tunnel to be Built to Alaska, with Rail and Energy Links
April 19, 2007 • 6:57AM

Viktor Razbegin, Deputy Head of Industrial Research of the Russian Economy Ministry, announced to reporters in Moscow April 18 that a transport and pipeline link under the Bering Strait, to Alaska, would be built. It is part of a $65 billion project to supply the U.S. with oil, natural gas, and electricity from Siberia. Russian officials will formally present the plan to the U.S. and Canadian governments next week, Razbegin said.

The proposal to link Eurasia to North and South America via a Bering Strait connection has long been promoted by Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp LaRouche. This proposal has been a part of the eurasian landbridge plan which Helga Zepp LaRouche has promoted since her advocacy begining in. In January 1997, the EIR issued a special report entitled "The Eurasian Land-Bridge; The 'New Silk Road'—locomotive for worldwide economic development," which includes a proposed tunnel connection to North America across the Bering Strait.


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