Upcoming ICC Warrant a Fraud Designed to Weaken Government
February 27, 2009 • 4:38PM

High-level Sudanese sources have today revealed that John Prendergast, a well-known opponent of the Sudan government who depicts himself as a defender of the population of Darfur region of Sudan, has indicated that if Sudan President Omar al-Bashir would agree not to run for President in the election scheduled for later this year, the impending charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC) could be made to disappear.  

The sources indicated that the goal of the ICC assault against President al-Bashir is to create chaos in the country, which would facilitate the separation of South Sudan and other regions, from the nation.  

These revelations expose the widely distributed lie that the purpose of the ICC indictment is to bring accountability for alleged crimes of genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The ICC indictment, expected March 4, is a complete fraud, with no regard for the lives of the people of Darfur and Sudan. Now that the true intent of the ICC indictment has been revealed—to oust President Bashir, and weaken the Presidency of Sudan—all leaders, especially those in the U.S government should act immediately to quash the expected ICC initiative. Failure to act now to prevent the issuance of the arrest warrant of Bashir, would demonstrate a profound lack of morality and commitment for justice in Africa.  

The ICC is being used to prevent the Sudan nationalist government from carrying out a nation-wide development strategy which would unify the disparate segments of the country, as it was run by the British at the time the country was part of their colonial empire.  

These revelations are a further indication, as charged by Lyndon LaRouche Feb. 19, that the ICC, funded by the world's top drug-pusher, George Soros, is merely a tool of Britain's Mark Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on behalf of the London-based Anglo-Dutch imperial financial cartel.  

LaRouche added: "There should be no recognition of the ICC. It's a complete violation of international law. The people who are pushing it should be questioned as to their morals and sanity. This very indictment is a crime against humanity, and the sponsors of the indictment should be brought to trial by some suitable agency."