"Brown-Nosing" Brit Snowed Out of Rose Garden
March 4, 2009 • 10:20AM

British press are full of pique today, in the wake of news that President Obama has cancelled the "traditional" joint press conference to follow his meeting with Gordon Brown, and will rather attend a meeting with the Boy Scouts!  When he heard the news, Lyndon LaRouche's response was, "Good for him, why should he visit with someone who's already dead.... Here's this SOB slithering in, and expecting us to kiss ass," Obama should just, "delegate the whole meeting to Rahm Emanuel."

The given excuse for the perceived "snub" was that the Rose Garden was covered in snow, but after British complaints, the White House proposed to allow for a "pool spray" (of questions from a press "pool"), which was finally upgraded to a "press availability" with each side (of the Atlantic) allowed a grand total of two questions! It was also decided that the two men's wives would even eat separately, and that the lunch would thus be entirely business, and no socializing. Gone are Brown's plans to browbeat the American President on his Climate Change agenda, in advance of the April G-20 meeting in London.

No doubt there will be further weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth when Brown finds out what Obama plans to do with his gift from the Brit. Apparently Brown hasn't got the news about the fate of the late Winston Churchill's bust, which Obama removed from the White House and returned to London.  The reports are that Brown plans to give Obama a "first edition Sir Martin Gilbert" seven-volume biography — of Winston Churchill! About all that Brown has to look forward to, at this point, is better treatment from Nancy Pelosi, who has invited him to address a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday.