The Case of Hitler's Children: George Soros and His ICC
March 6, 2009 • 2:12AM

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized once again today that George Soros is more Nazi than the Nazis. As a 14-17 year old Jewish adolescent in Hungary under Nazi occupation, he adopted a synthetic non-Jewish identity in order to escape persecution himself. His protector was a Nazi, and he was employed as a gofer in stealing funds, badgering Jewish Hungarians, and sending messages to people on a target list that their trip to Poland was on schedule. As a result of this experience he became more Nazi than the Nazis for the rest of his life, completely an agent of the people he is working for—the British Empire. He is the ultimate version of the Bettelheim syndrome. If you don't undertand this, you don't understand Soros.

LaRouche continued: The International Criminal Court is nothing more than an instrument of British Imperialism. The ICC cannot be tolerated because it is intrinsically British imperialist. The authors of the ICC are imperialists. And imperialism is a crime. Therefore, it must be cancelled.

What follows is a fact sheet which shows conclusively that the ICC is nothing but an H.G. Wells' inspired instrument of the British Empire created by the Mutt and Jeff Bobbsey twins, George Soros and Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

- Fact Sheet on ICC -

The "Court" answers to no one—it was designed by the British Empire in precisely that way—and is financed by Nazi collaborator Soros's Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation, and other entities, as well as by the British government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), where Malloch Brown, a former vice president of Soros's Quantum hedge fund, is the Secretary General for Asia, Africa and the United Nations. By its own description, the ICC "is an independent international organisation, and is not part of the United Nations system." While its "seat" is in The Hague, Netherlands, it has nothing to do with the international courts affiliated with the UN, such as the International Court of Justice—an official court of the United Nations which has been in operation since 1946, or the tribunals that dealt with the Balkans and Rwanda. Rather, it gets its funding from "States' Parties, but also "voluntary contributions from governments, international organisations, individuals, corporations and other entities." The chief organizing vehicle for the Court is the Coalition for an International Criminal Court, (CICC), a "super-NGO" created by the other Soros and British Empire dominated NGOs. Its history goes back decades.

*The World Federalist Movement, which was founded by Bertrand Russell in 1947 in order to carry out H.G. Wells's campaign for a world government, was the first to officially propose an International Criminal Court early after World War II. In 1995, the WFM established and still runs the "Coalition for the International Criminal Court," which campaigned for the ICC.

* The CICC says in its website: "The Coalition was founded in 1995 by a small group of NGOs that coordinated their work to ensure the establishment of an International Criminal Court. Since then, the Coalition's membership has increased exponentially as its original goal of establishing the ICC grew to include the larger goal of guaranteeing the Court's fair, effective and independent functioning. Over the years, the Coalition Secretariat and its global membership have worked together at every stage of the Court's development from the preparatory committees for the establishment of the Court, to the Rome Conference that established the Court to the annual Assembly of States Parties meetings."

* The main impetus for the ICC is the British Empire:

—In April, 1999, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of NATO, Prime Minister Tony Blair made a side trip to Chicago, where he delivered the "Manifesto" of "humanitarian interventions" against national sovereignty, in a speech to the Economics Club, called "The Doctrine of the International Community." Blair was pushing for a NATO ground invasion of Kosovo, which was rejected by then President Bill Clinton, but his main purpose was to smash the principle of the sovereign nation state. Blair said that the "principle of non-interference" in other nations' internal affairs cannot be "jettison[ed]" without definitions, but military operations against genocide and human rights violations are necessary. "War is an imperfect instrument for righting humanitarian distress," Blair said, "but armed force is sometimes the only means of dealing with dictators," making this the first of five conditions for the world government to intervene against national sovereignty.

—In November, 1999, British MP and Fabian Society leader Ann Clwyd gave a speech to Parliament in the debate for creating the ICC. An active leader of the Coalition for the ICC, Clwyd was also one of the biggest "leftwing" warmongers, heading the anti-Saddam Hussein organization "INDICT." which was gathering evidence for the indictment of Saddam Hussein and his leaders. Not only is Clwyd a Soros crony, along with Malloch Brown, but "INDICT" was also funded by the U.S. government through the neo-conservative slush fund of the "Iraq Liberation Act of 1998." INDICT worked hand-in-hand with the notorious fabricator, Ahmed Chalabi. Such is the pedigree of the ICC—the same people who brought us the Iraq war.

In her speech Clwyd motivated the need for the ICC based on the United Nations' failure to indict Saddam Hussein. "We must ask ourselves why Saddam Hussein has not been indicted by the United Nations as a war criminal," Clwyd ranted. "First, and most importantly, it is crucial that the prosecutor be genuinely independent. Unless he can act on his own initiative and not be subject to the control of the Security Council or anyone else, we will not be able to have full faith in the court." That is, the ICC must be outside the UN recognition of national sovereignty.

Clwyd became one of the strongest supporters of Blair's Iraq war, based on fabricated intelligence.

* Luis Moreno Ocampo, the head of the ICC, has worked for Soros and the British for almost 2 decades.

—Beginning in 1995, he went to work for the Soros-funded Transparency International, as Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, in which capacity he traveled around the continent giving seminars and doing training sessions, on how to "combat corruption."

—Moreno Ocampo's own Citizen Power Foundation NGO in Argentina, focussed on rooting out "authoritarian tendencies" embedded in the country's "political culture." Among among its prominent backers, was the real estate conglomerate IRSA (Inversiones y Representaciones SA), whose owner Eduardo Elzstain purchased it in 1990 after receiving $10 million from George Soros. Soros continued to put money into IRSA, and by 1998 he owned a 20% stake. He eventually sold most of his shares to JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, but still holds a small stake today.

—Among other funders of his Fundacion Poder Ciudadano (Citizen Power Foundation) in Argentina, dedicated to uprooting corruption and fostering grass-roots community organizing, are the Ford Foundation, NED, Friedrich Ebert, Friedrich Naumann, and Konrad Adenaur Stiftungs, World Bank, the British Embassy, Dutch Embassy (in Argentina), HSBC Bank and Shell Oil.

—On Dec. 14, 2005 in NYC, Moreno was a key participant at a roundtable sponsored by Soros's Open Society Institute (OSI) on "Restoring American Leadership—the International Criminal Court." Moreno Ocampo's visit to OSI was part of its Restoring American Leadership roundtable series, which was a project of OSI and the Security and Peace Initiative, which in turn, was a joint initiative of the Center for American Progress and The Century Foundation. Morton Halperin was director of the Security and Peace Initiative at that time. The OSI organized the above conference, one day after Sudan's Justice Minister declared that the ICC was barred from entering Darfur. OSI said it wanted to provide experts and the press "an exclusive opportunity to discuss these developments" with Moreno Ocampo.

* The person responsible for initiating the first investigations of Darfur in 2005 was Lord Malloch Brown, who has been a collaborator of George Soros in overthrowing governments since 1986. In 1994, Malloch Brown became the World Bank's Vice-President for External Affairs, which included taking care of relations with the United Nations. In 1999 he moved to the UN to become administrator of the UNDG (United Nations Development Group). By 2004, Malloch Brown and Soros were a team in collaboration with Tony Blair and George Bush in creating the "Rose Revolution" in Georgia, and its test-tube baby, Mikhail Saakashvili. In fact, in 2004, Soros and Malloch Brown put together a private fund of $1.5 million to pay Saakashvili's incoming government, made up of Soros's operatives.

In January 2005, Malloch Brown launched the drive to indict Sudan, when he became chief of the cabinet of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Only a few months later, under the influence of Malloch Brown, the names of 51 suspects linked to tens of thousands of killings in Darfur were referred by Annan to the ICC under Luis Moreno-Ocampo. These were the first cases that the UN Security Council referred to the prosecutor, and the move “reinforced his legitimacy and that of the court.

Malloch Brown was then appointed by Soros in 2007 as vice-president of both Soros’ speculative hedge fund the Quantum fund and his Open Society Institute (OSI).