March 7th 2012 • 7:27PM

Karsten Werner interviews Mohammad Mahfoud following the Feb 24-25 Schiller Institute International Conference in Berlin.

March 2nd 2012 • 1:59PM

For presentations available in German & Italian visit the Schiller Institute site.

November 8th 2011 • 2:21PM

Scientist Sky Shields, leader of the LaRouche Movement Basement Team, challenges the common (and not so common) assumptions of what time is.
After exhausting a number of paths, volunteered by the audience, Sky takes a sharp turn, to the development of human languages, the Credit System - and Immortality.

July 8th 2011 • 4:21PM

The discussion period following the first panel. The speakers include Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Eric De Keuleneer, and Christen Sørensen.

July 8th 2011 • 12:12PM

Eric De Keuleneer, Economics Professor at Solvay Business School and former Member of the Belgian Surveillance Board of the Financial and Insurance Commission, speaks on the causes of the financial crisis and calls for the re-implementation of Glass-Steagall.

March 2nd 2012 • 4:48PM

Speech by French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade to the February 24-25 2012 international conference sponsored by the Schiller Institute in Berlin. "A world without the City or Wall Street, great infrastructure works for tomorrow". It is a theme of the future, that the future defines the present.

November 8th 2011 • 3:05PM

Candidate Summer Shields presents the tradition of the real United States. He uses the hero, Abraham Lincoln, to elaborate the American approach to
collaboration, with our natural allies Russia and China - and against the British Empire.

October 28th 2011 • 1:42PM

The LaRouche PAC and Summer Shields for Congress cosponsored an event on the urgent need for trans-Pacific cooperation. The all day conference entitled, Rescuing Civilization from the Brink: The Grand Pacific Alliance, featured presentations on history, science and music and consisted of hours of focus on ideas on the highest level.

July 8th 2011 • 4:03PM

Christen Sørensen, former Chairman of the Economic Council of Denmark, highlights the findings of the FCIC's "Angelides Report" regarding the causes of the global financial crisis.

July 8th 2011 • 10:19AM

Antonella Banaudi, Italian operatic soprano and singing teacher, speaks on "L'anima della Musica" during the panel "Classical Culture, Imperative for Mankind".