LaRouche: Does The Fate Of Seneca Await Members Of Obama's Cabinet?
April 6, 2009 • 9:38AM

In the context of President Obama's recent behavior at the G20 meeting and beyond, Lyndon LaRouche asked today: "Does the fate of Seneca await members of the Obama cabinet?"

As LaRouche stressed, Obama is shallow. He is not all there. This is a dangerous quality. Under pressure he can't maintain his facade. What we are seeing is recklessness.

LaRouche continued, "It is really shocking. I knew that his ego would be a problem, but thought he would accept control from the institution of the Presidency, including his qualified cabinet members. Instead he is acting like the Emperor Nero."

LaRouche then asked if those cabinet members might suffer the same fate as Seneca at the hands of Nero.

Seneca, who had been a critical adviser to Nero, was ordered by Nero to kill himself. He followed tradition by severing several veins in order to bleed to death, and his wife Pompeia Paulina attempted to share his fate. Nero, however, ordered Seneca's wife to be saved. As for Seneca himself, his age and diet were blamed for slow loss of blood, and extended pain rather than a quick death; taking poison was also not fatal. He was then carried into a bath, with the steam of which he was suffocated.