Obama "Auto Czar" Is Felix Rohatyn Protege
April 7, 2009 • 9:57AM

Stephen Rattner, the man leading President Obama's "negotiations" with what's left of the automotive industry, is a protégé of Felix Rohatyn and his (now bankrupt) private equity firm Lazard Frères. Readers may remember when, in 2005, after Lyndon LaRouche had challenged Congress to act to swiftly save the auto industry's machine tool capability through retooling, it was discovered that Rohatyn was at the center of the "globalization by bankruptcy" negotiations of the industry's largest supplier, Delphi. Like his mentor, Rattner has no desire to save any industry in the United States, and instead is more than happy to profit on its demise.

Rattner has a long history with Rohatyn, having been trained by him when he, Rattner, first came to work at Lazard in 1989. After a stormy internship, where the apprentice continually threatened to eclipse the sorcerer, Rattner split from Lazard to form "rival" firm Quadrangle Group in 2002, albeit with a gaggle of Lazard groupies in tow. Despite any personal differences, both men operate as extensions of the financial arm of the Anglo-Dutch Rothschild network, as described by William Cohan in the book The Last Tycoon.

Like Rohatyn, Rattner has also cultivated a leading role in the Democratic Party, and is reputed for his fundraising abilities. Rattner, however, also has a tight relationship with Democratic "turncoats" Joe Lieberman and Michael Bloomberg, having bankrolled Lieberman's "independent" campaign in 2006, and cozying up to Bloomberg when he was threatening to enter the Presidential race in 2008.

As noted in puff articles in today's Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, Rattner desires, more than anything, to have a cabinet level position with the Obama Administration. Short of being named "Auto Czar," he has taken the leading role with the 14 member "committee" appointed by the President, to the presumed negative outcome for the industry as a whole.