Kooks Who Brainwashed The President Are Exposed
April 7, 2009 • 9:59PM

The current newsstand edition of TIME magazine contains a devastating expose of a collection of kook economists, who have brainwashed President Barack Obama into adopting his present foolish and destructive economic agenda. Collectively, these economists are referred to as "behaviorist economists," and they are hardcore followers of the British philosophical radicalism of John Locke, Bernard de Mandeville and Jeremy Bentham, all 18th century figures who argued that man is nothing more than a beast, irrationally driven by pleasure and pain.

According to the TIME account, confirmed by sources close to the Obama White House, the President has been surrounded by a collection of "behaviorist economists," who have cultivated a cult-like following through the publication of such daffy economic tracts as Freakonomics, Nudge, Predictable Irrationality, The Wisdom of Crowds, and Animal Spirits. These economists, including longtime Obama advisors Cass Sunstein, Richard Thaler, Dan Ariely, and Daniel Kahneman, have formed a tight clique, surrounding the President, to the exclusion of some of the more well-known and relatively competent economists, originally brought in to the Obama White House, but who have now been cast aside, in favor of the Pavlovian/Skinnerian kooks.

For these economists, the key to economic behavior is the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Human will, especially human creativity, are purely secondary, and always lose out to the craven human impulses, according to these nuts. Unfortunately, the entire inner circle of White House economic advisors, from Larry Summers, to OMB director Peter Orszag, are full-fledged proponents of this insane doctrine of animal behaviorism. Indeed, one of the "founders" and leading figures within the "behavioral economics" camp today is Harvard economist, Larry Summers crony, and arch hedge fund swindler Andrei Shleifer, the man whose double dealings in Russia in the 1990s led to criminal investigations and, ultimately, to the ouster of Larry Summers as President of Harvard.

TIME revealed an even larger circles of White House economic gurus, who are all proponents of the Benthamite theories of bestial man. "Orszag has been an unabashed behavioral geek... His deputy, Jeff Liebman of Harvard, is a noted behavioral economist, as are White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee of the University of Chicago, Assistant Treasury Secretary nominee Alan Krueger of Princeton and several other key aides. Sunstein has been nominated to be Obama's regulatory czar. Even National Economic Council director Larry Summers has done work on behavioral finance. And Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainthan is organizing an outside network of behavioral experts to provide the Administration with policy ideas," TIME reported.

TIME, with its own history of promotion of Fascism and its virulent hatred of FDR, does not ignore the opportunities this collection of kooks surrounding the President offer, to destroy the Obama Presidency. "Obama's efforts to change us," TIME gloated, "carry a clear political risk. Republicans already portray him as a nanny-state scold, an elitist Big Brother lecturing us about inflating our tires and reading to our kids. We elected a President, not a life coach, and we might not like elected officials' challenging our right to be couch potatoes... The idea of public officials, even well-meaning ones, trying to engineer our private behavior to produce change can seem a bit creepy."

More than "a bit creepy," the idea of this pack of lunatic Mande-villians brainwashing the President of the United States during the worst financial and economic crisis in modern history, poses a grave threat, especially when the President is betraying his own deeply neurotic Nero complex. These nut cases can do more to bring down the Obama Presidency than the President and his inner circle can begin to imagine. The survival of the Obama Presidency now hinges on a clever bit of behavior modification by the President himself: Obama should fire the whole lot of these kooks, starting with Larry Summers