February 7th 2011 • 2:37PM

For Canadians, NAWAPA represents not just a change in the way its biosphere is managed, or additional jobs opportunities for our engineers – the North American Water and Power Alliance represents an evolution in Canada’s culture. On December 11, 2010, 38 people gathered at Concordia University for two presentations on the significance of NAWAPA for Canada and the world.

December 9th 2010 • 12:48PM

A discussion of the historical context in which the idea of NAWAPA is situated, and the urgency of building it in light of the immediate political situation.

December 9th 2010 • 12:46PM

A presentation of the evolution of the biosphere, and the LaRouche-Vernadsky concept of man as an emerging geological force.

December 9th 2010 • 12:44PM

What exactly is nuclear power?

December 9th 2010 • 11:59AM

A challenge to building NAWAPA: creating a new generation of skilled workers.

December 9th 2010 • 12:49PM

Exposes the false debate of whether man has no impact on the universe, or does, but always a negative one. A much bigger idea of man's role in the universe is then introduced.

December 9th 2010 • 12:47PM

A very captivating discussion on the history of water infrastructure in California and China. The story of the Three Gorges Dam, chief wonder of the modern world, and the South-North water project currently under construction.

December 9th 2010 • 12:45PM

The environmental impacts of building NAWAPA.

December 9th 2010 • 12:43PM

The critical path method: how the heck are we going to build this?

December 9th 2010 • 1:55AM