July 7th 2011 • 4:21PM

The second of LaRouche's addresses keynoted the panel "Classical Culture, an Imperative for Mankind".

July 6th 2011 • 12:32PM

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, keynotes the conference.

July 5th 2011 • 3:48PM

Eric de Keuleneer, Economics Professor at Solvay Business School, and former member of the Belgian Surveillance Board of the Financial and Insurance Commission, reflects on the just-concluded Schiller Institute conference.

July 5th 2011 • 2:35PM

Prof. Sergey Pulinets is interviewed by Basement Team leader, Sky Shields and gives his thoughts on the two-day conference.

December 9th 2010 • 12:49PM

Exposes the false debate of whether man has no impact on the universe, or does, but always a negative one. A much bigger idea of man's role in the universe is then introduced.

July 7th 2011 • 12:20PM

Sky Shields, from LaRouche's "Basement" scientific research team, keynotes the second panel of the Russelsheim conference, titled "The Preeminence of Science over Ideology".

July 5th 2011 • 9:22PM

The first of two addresses delivered by Lyndon LaRouche.

July 5th 2011 • 2:39PM

An interview with Eric Verhaeghe, Former Executive of the French Employers' Association.

February 7th 2011 • 2:37PM

For Canadians, NAWAPA represents not just a change in the way its biosphere is managed, or additional jobs opportunities for our engineers – the North American Water and Power Alliance represents an evolution in Canada’s culture. On December 11, 2010, 38 people gathered at Concordia University for two presentations on the significance of NAWAPA for Canada and the world.

December 9th 2010 • 12:48PM

A discussion of the historical context in which the idea of NAWAPA is situated, and the urgency of building it in light of the immediate political situation.