December 9th 2010 • 1:51AM

A closing discussion of why NAWAPA is not an option, but an immediate necessity.

December 8th 2010 • 8:58PM

A December 4th seminar in Pasadena, California brought together citizens from around the state to learn about the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).

December 8th 2010 • 7:02PM

Retired President of the Machinists Unions' Desert Lodge at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Keith A. Smith, speaks on machining and the labor force required for NAWAPA.

December 8th 2010 • 6:14PM

Allan Salzberg discusses the nuclear aspects of the Sawtooth Lift.

December 8th 2010 • 5:30PM

American Rail Engineer, Hal Cooper, speaks on the rail component of NAWAPA.

December 8th 2010 • 11:14PM

Tarrajna Dorsey interviews participants at LPAC's NAWAPA Conference on where we go from here.

December 8th 2010 • 7:33PM

Michael Kirsch, LPAC Basement Team Member gives the keynote address to the Kennewick, WA LPAC NAWAPA Conference.

December 8th 2010 • 6:41PM

LPAC Basement team member, Michael Kirsch, gives an introduction to the Idaho Sawtooth Lift Function.

December 8th 2010 • 5:54PM

Terry Bates, Industrial Project Manager from Oregon, speaks on city building around the NAWAPA project centers and the Sawtooth Lift.

December 8th 2010 • 5:23PM

Final presentation of the LPAC NAWAPA Conference in Kennewick, WA. The panel includes Michael Kirsch, LPAC Basement Team Member; Hal Cooper, American Rail Engineer; Terry Bates, Industrial Project Manager and David Christie LPAC Organizer.