Obama's Edited YouTube Presidency
April 12, 2009 • 5:58PM

"Having recognized the power of YouTube during the presidential campaign, when the BarackObamadotcom account uploaded more than 1,800 videos to the site, Obama now maintains an entire staff devoted to new media," the New York Times reported today. YouTube "is stacked with videos approved and uploaded by the campaign or the administration. Users of YouTube may not recognize this," the paper added, noting that the Obama team has "made a point of feeding YouTubers a steady diet of carefully designed videos, a series of beautifully choreographed speeches and interviews, many with heavy applause that is hard to edit out." The versions of speeches which appear on YouTube "were tailored to the site, with titles, omissions, crowd cutaways, highlight footage and a dozen other manipulations of sound and image that affected the impression they made."