There will be no economic recovery in the worldwide without a commitment on the part of the US to the development of nuclear power and fusion research. Presently experiencing a revival world-wide, nuclear energy offers a higher energy-flux density than any other form of power mastered by man. This is not simply a matter of increased efficiency: the power afforded mankind by the transformations of nuclei is not the same power produced in the combustion of coal. Rather, this higher power allows entirely new industrial and energetic processes, including direct use of nuclear reactions qua nuclear reactions for the production of new radioisotopes.

But, by far, the most profound application of the Promethean knowledge of the world of the atomic nucleus is the propulsion of spacecraft to Mars and beyond. Our very nature as creative beings demands that we adopt the most far-sighted and vigorous driver for scientific breakthroughs: manned space exploration. With fusion power, manned flight to Mars is possible, safely, in a matter of days rather than months. For more, see the Space page.

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A. Fusion

1. The Fusion Torch can Create New Raw Materials

By Marjorie Mazel Hecht. How soon the world might run out of necessary resources and raw materials, from drinkable water to strategic minerals, should be no concern for panic, rationing, or calls for population control. We have the ability now to create the resources we need, using advanced technology.

2. Colonizing Space with Fusion Propulsion

By Dr. Friedwardt Winterberg - Chemical rockets can take man to the Moon but not beyond. With fusion-propulsion rockets, man will be able to colonize distant planets and, one day, the entire galaxy.

3. Fusion Energy: Yes We Can

By Larry Hecht - LaRouche has been promoting efforts to develop thermonuclear fusion power since the 1970s. His energy policy calls for immediate deployment of nuclear power, including a rapid gear-up of the new fourth generation high-temperature reactors, expanded research and development of thermonuclear fusion energy, and broadened support for investigation into the anomalous nuclear effects implied by the phenomenon of cold fusion.

B. Fission Power

1. Inside the Fourth Generation Reactors

By Marjorie Mazel Hecht - A new, fourth generation of nuclear reactors is ready to replace the standard reactors that have been producing power for 40 years. These new high-temperature reactors are almost 50 percent more efficient than conventional nuclear reactors, and supersafe.

2. The Myth of Nuclear Waste

By Marjorie Mazel Hecht - There’s no such thing as nuclear waste! This nasty term was invented just to stop the development of civilian nuclear power..

3. The Beauty of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

By Marjorie Mazel Hecht - The best way to overcome irrational fear is through knowledge. To this end, reviewed here is the process by which natural uranium ore is turned into fuel for a nuclear reactor, how it is used, and how it can be recycled, such that the reader will come to understand that there is really no such thing as nuclear “waste.”.

4. Stimulate the Economy: Build Nuclear Plants

Marsha Freeman - LaRouche has called for the creation of a Federal corporation to assume, employ, and expand the idled portion of the machine tool and auto manufacturing industry, not to produce more cars, but advanced nuclear power plant and desalination plants.

5. Nuplex City Building to Transform the Third World

Marsha Freeman - Detailed plans to build nuclear-powered agro-industrial complexes date back to the Eisenhower Administration, but were never implemented. It’s high time to revive them.

Appendix: Hydrogen from Nuclear Power

Masao Hori - Hydrogen, as well as electricity, can be produced from any of the primary energy sources (fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energies). But nuclear hydrogen, because of its characteristics, will be expected to supply the base load.

Appendix: US Atomic Energy Commission: Plowshare

- Produced by the US Atomic Energy Commission, this series of videos explores the peaceful uses of Atomic (Nuclear) Power. Watch Part I and Part II on Archive.org