9 September 2013
Obama Is On His Way Out: Lyndon LaRouche Turns 91 • We Must Shape The New Presidency!

We are at the end of the current paradigm, and the question must now be answered: Will we enter a conflict in Syria and threaten human extinction under Obama and his Saudi-sponsored Secretary John Kerry, or will we embark on a new presidency shaped by thermonuclear fusion, NAWAPA XXI, and global high-speed development?

9 September 2013
Dave Christie: Crush Obama's Transpacific Partnership!

Obama’s Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is not merely another free trade act designed to enslave millions of people; it is far more evil. Obama’s TPP is part of the encirclement of Asia that will result in World War III — unless Obama is removed immediately.

8 September 2013
Press Release: Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy

Jason Ross, Editor in Chief of 21st Century Science and Technology magazine, wrote the following statement as an introduction to the latest LaRouchePAC Basement report, "Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy."

6 September 2013
Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy

This planet can no longer tolerate environmentalists. The time has come to make a tremendous step forward in our relationship to nature, by making the development of a fusion-based economy—bringing the power of the stars under our control—our primary long-term physical economic goal.

29 August 2013
LaRouche Opposes Any Military Action: Thermonuclear War Danger Too Grave

The following is a release approved by Lyndon LaRouche on the danger of the rapid escalation of global war, triggered by military action in Syria.

28 August 2013
Congress: Stop Thermonuclear War — Throw Obama Out, Pass Glass-Steagall!

Urgent release from Michael Steger, on behalf of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.

The full text of this leaflet is available here.

26 August 2013
Thermonuclear NAWAPA: Letter to Farmers, Ranchers, and Industrialists in California and Texas

We are writing to you in great concern with the state of emergency of our nation, no less than a complete physical economic breakdown crisis, and we have seen this crisis deepen under the watch of both Bush and Obama administrations.

21 August 2013
Pass Glass-Steagall Or Be Vaporized With "Bail-In"

When the “bail-in” hits, there will have been no warning; Americans will simply wake up one morning to find out that life as they knew it, is now gone. Savings, bank deposits, pensions and everything that is connected to our ability to survive will have been cancelled by Wall Street. The system will be gone.

16 August 2013
Life and Death Issues Confronting Mankind At This Moment

The fight for Glass-Steagall and the growing danger of world war emanating from the Middle East are the life and death issues confronting mankind at this moment. These battles are in midstream and remain unsettled. There have been significant developments over the past hours and days that are important to understand.

13 August 2013
MOMENT OF TRUTH IN ATLANTA: Glass-Steagall, Or America Is Doomed!

The following statement was issued by the LaRouche Political Action Committee for immediate circulation at the annual convention of the National Caucus of State Legislators (NCSL), meeting this week in Atlanta, Georgia.


Remove Obama!

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Cut Out Wall-Street

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Glass-Steagall Infographic

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Glass-Steagall or Die

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Overview of NAWAPA

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