Daily Report


March 23rd 2012 • 7:16PM

With the rejection of the SDI by then-Soviet Russia, and the sabotage of that policy by British elements here in the United States, we stand in the same place in history today as we did 29 years ago: at the edge of the extinction of human civilization by thermonuclear war.

October 20th 2011 • 11:06PM

We are on the cusp of a collapse that threatens the existence of every nation across the globe. It is clear that an Asia-Pacific alliance of Russia, China and the United States is the existential ingredient necessary if humanity is going to meet the civilization threats now facing us. Tonight we feature a segment from Natalie Lovegren on the return of LaRouche's Strategic Defense Initiative through Russia's latest proposal: The Strategic Defense of Earth.

March 9th 2012 • 9:26PM

Join the mobilization around H. Concurrent Resolution 107, and tune in to the simulcast today at 4:30 Eastern Time. Click Here.