Daily Report


October 22nd 2010 • 11:28AM

Ever since Chris Dodd and Barney Frank killed LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, every action taken regarding the foreclosure crisis has been outright fraud!

October 13th 2010 • 11:15AM

Your Wednesday morning report.

October 7th 2010 • 4:00PM

As major Wall Street firms push for legislation to legalize their continued looting of an already exploited mortgage market, Obama drives himself into further despair. The 25th Amendment should be carried out to its full intention.

June 29th 2010 • 4:00PM

The failure to implement LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007, by the Congress, under the banner of "Bailout Barney Frank", is now showing it's teeth. Cities, due to this failure to implement the HBPA, are firing most if not ALL of their employees. Stop this insanity, impeach Obama, fire Bailout Barney Freak, and implement Glass-Steagall now!

October 21st 2010 • 11:30AM

Obama and his Administration show an insane disregard for the real effects that their denial of a mortgage catastrophe are reaping. Biden needs to step up to the task.

October 9th 2010 • 10:37PM
October 6th 2010 • 5:38PM

We said it was one big Enron. Did you really need to see it in the newspaper to believe it?