Daily Report


April 16th 2012 • 8:00AM

With the French presidential elections coming up this Sunday, the Euro system exploding, dramatic developments coming from Russia, and a crescendo in the United States, this week will prove be a decisive one in the course of world history. Will mankind continue to submit to the prevailing trends of mass opinion and behavior, or will we oppose them?

October 7th 2011 • 10:33AM

Without the intervention from the United States in building the Great Pacific Alliance with Russia and China, Europe is most certainly lost. Some are fighting on the basis of that reality, but we cannot rest on the hopes that anybody else will remove Obama, only the citizenry can do that. We must do that, if we hope to survive as a nation.

August 17th 2011 • 10:15PM

As the Era of Empire draws to a close, there are only two possibilities: Either the Age of Man in full-swing, or his early extinction. As the youth of the world are unemployed and culturally lost, and as the older generation disappears, we must act now, before we lose the opportunity to act at all.

June 27th 2011 • 10:54AM

LaRouche's latest paper, "A Turning-point in current history: Drum-Beats Over Libya," is discussed, with reference to the threat of Obama's Hitler-like actions, and the Mass strike outbreak in New Jersey and around the globe.

June 24th 2011 • 10:22PM

As the fervor of the mass strike begins to boil, and the desperation of Obama's controllers swells, the only real issue is: Will the appropriate measures be taken to bankrupt our enemies and effectively halt the attempts at a coup against the United States?

October 7th 2011 • 10:28PM

A great global change has occurred. The trigger was the Russia-China agreements. Americans, now smelling at least the possibility of a future, have taken to the streets to claim back their republic. Congressmen are rising up to fight for Glass-Steagall. And Obama is now going the way of the doomed trans-Atlantic system, into the dustbin of world history.

October 6th 2011 • 10:51PM

As the Greeks take to the streets again, and the Occupy Wall Street movement gains momentum, the disparity between the dead oligarchical system, and the budding Great Pacific Alliance couldn't be any more clear. We feature a glimpse of the Pacific alternative offered to Greece this past weekend at Rhodes, and comments from Rep. Walter Jones on Glass-Steagall.

July 31st 2011 • 12:05AM

What will it take to psychologically strengthen and sustain the American people, in order to drive the war we're engaged in all the way to victory? Tonight's report features an excerpt from an interview with the leader of the LaRouche Democratic slate, Kesha Rogers. For the full interview, click here.

June 25th 2011 • 8:52PM

As the members of Congress fight for their souls, across the country, the mass strike process is unfolding rapidly. With a mood shift in the population underway, there is about to be a wave of protest all throughout the country unlike anything we’ve seen, as the level of betrayal of the population by their leaders becomes intolerable.

June 23rd 2011 • 10:55PM

Today's labor protest in New Jersey, dubbed "the Second Battle of Trenton", is an event of national significance, as we find ourselves in a pre-revolutionary situation. The July breakdown crisis deadline is coming on fast, and only those courageous enough to take on the British-owned Barack Obama will prove morally fit to lead the American people.