Daily Report


July 19th 2012 • 11:20PM

The evidence is now piling up that the global financial system as we’ve known it has been the main source of the planet’s drug money laundering, has financed a global terrorist network, and has ripped off of whole nations upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars.

July 12th 2012 • 10:25AM

Today's overview highlights the recent findings of Timothy Geithner's role in the Libor Scandal, and what this means for Obama's presidency.

July 4th 2012 • 7:03AM

We DID declare independence from the British Empire officially 236 years ago, but now that same British system is the dominant one around the globe. But that’s not to say there’s not a fight. If we remove Obama before the Democratic Convention, then all bets are off.

June 28th 2012 • 7:26AM

Today's Strategic Overview focuses on the threat of a blow-out of the trans-Atlantic system. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel's "no" to allowing Germany to become the lender of last resort will be tested today at the EU summit in Brussels.

June 4th 2012 • 7:36AM

As the rate of collapse outpaces the rate of hyper-inflationary bailout, the British monetary system is moving closer and closer to war. Our Alternative to destroy this failed system once and for all with Glass-Steagall must be implemented immediately.

July 13th 2012 • 1:18PM

As this system collapses it's becoming clear that the Libor scandal isn't a scandal at all, but a funeral for a dead system. Today's report highlights the recent findings of Timothy Geithner's alleged involvement in the Libor development.

July 10th 2012 • 7:29AM

The possibility of losing an entire language culture-- our own-- has driven our English kin to action, and it ought to drive us in the United States to the same end. As Mr. LaRouche identifies over the course of this week's discussion with the Slate, the continued degeneration of the youth generations will mean death to our civilization.

July 3rd 2012 • 9:25PM

The battle for a post-empire world continues. Tonight, we highlight the fight against the ESM, the Mexican Presidential elections, and Obama’s negligence and cover-ups.

June 16th 2012 • 8:00AM

A panic stricken Eurozone is on the verge of collapse this weekend. While contingencies in the form equivalent to bailouts are being prepared, they will not work and threatens the very existence of Europe itself. The only solution is to kill the bailout process with the immediate implementation of the Glass-Steagall Act.

May 28th 2012 • 8:00AM

The long-simmering general financial breakdown crisis has now struck. Either the strict Glass-Steagall law is immediately reinstalled, or a world crisis beyond precedent will soon meet us, perhaps as early as Tuesday morning, and it will prove fatal to the nations of the trans-Atlantic world.