Daily Report


November 21st 2012 • 7:54PM

LPAC is happy to announce a return to regularly scheduled evening updates, whose book ends are the Friday Project webcasts featured live on this website. Each evening we will provide a broader context and background to a selection of the most relevant points raised the Friday prior. Tonight we investigate the party system in the roman coliseum.

June 18th 2012 • 6:52AM

Two hundred years ago today, the United States declared war on the British Empire. In the course of the War of 1812, the British occupied Washington DC. Today, the British have occupied our nation's capital again, through their influence over Barack Obama. Impeachment, with Glass-Steagall, are our weapons of war against that empire today.

May 21st 2012 • 7:35AM

In a desperate bluff on the eve of the NATO summit, the London Economist published a lying piece of propaganda exposing just how strategically weak the British position is. They are willing to play very dangerous games, but they’re bluffing to try to hang onto the appearance of strategic advantage, while, in reality, their power is completely crumbling.

March 28th 2012 • 8:02AM

The latest strategic assessment from Lyndon LaRouche

March 22nd 2012 • 10:37AM

The world is operating as if on a tightrope, and although Jacques Cheminade is one candidate in one nation among many of the world, his actions for a Glass-Steagall for Europe, and the creation of a credit system, toward multi-generational physical development, are part of what could be a new future for mankind in a world of sovereign republics.

July 2nd 2012 • 10:56PM

We report on 5 fronts of the fight for the post-empire world: Glass-Steagall, Stopping WW3, The Downfall of Obama, Our Campaign, and Europe.

June 4th 2012 • 7:36AM

As the rate of collapse outpaces the rate of hyper-inflationary bailout, the British monetary system is moving closer and closer to war. Our Alternative to destroy this failed system once and for all with Glass-Steagall must be implemented immediately.

April 28th 2012 • 9:00AM

This week's developments show that the world does not have much time before there is a crucial break in the tension created by the opposing tendencies in history: The push toward extinction by the imperial London based financiers, and on the opposite side, the tendency by LaRouchePAC and others to pull civilization toward a bright future.

March 23rd 2012 • 10:39AM

With a Nero for a President and no option among the four Republican clowns, we must delve into the historical soul of our nation, to seek the restoration of the American Presidency.

March 16th 2012 • 7:30PM

Obama, Cameron and Netanyahu: Three deadly stooges for the British Empire whose recent lies have greatly accelerated the drive for global war.