Daily Report


February 25th 2012 • 9:00AM

With the global war drive escalating, and world leaders failing to stand up to the policies of war and economic collapse, an Apollo-style science driver, is the only real alternative to war.

May 8th 2011 • 12:12PM

Here is a sneak peak at an upcoming LPACTV feature, "To be or not to be: A Galactic Question."

April 27th 2011 • 10:51AM

Pass Glass-Steagall!

April 22nd 2011 • 9:39PM

Tonight we take a look at the some of the great cycles which influence life on Earth, both galactic and imperial. We find that despite these great cycles, there is another potentially more powerful force driving events here on Earth.

April 20th 2011 • 9:11AM

Here we highlight Lyndon LaRouche's remarks from his April 19th, 2011 webcast. The re-enactment of Glass Steagall is a must in light of the immediate threat, of a total blowout of the trans-atlantic system, and yet, not simply just that. What lies in the horizon of human affairs, is the subject of our Solar and Galactic challenges as frequently discussed on this website.

September 1st 2011 • 10:17AM

Although we averted much greater disaster with our advanced satellite capability, those same satellites have already been cut from the budget by the Obama administration. To ensure the survival of this nation Obama needs to be removed from office immediately. Also, the Basement's Peter Martinson gives us a weather report on what to expect this coming week.

April 29th 2011 • 9:30PM

Your World in Perpective.

April 24th 2011 • 11:13AM

Today, we take a look at the anomalous weather tearing across the United States and ask whether or not it is different expression of the same phenomenon we see with the Rim of Fire, using a study conducted in the aftermath of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina as a case study.

April 22nd 2011 • 11:16AM

Michelle Fuchs discusses the need for Glass-Steagall, the recent interview with Icelandic Parliamentarian and Poet Birgitta Jónsdóttir, and the galactic threat to mankind.

April 18th 2011 • 10:43AM

Here, we revisit the scientific approach in earthquake forecasting presented in the April 13th weekly report. The evidence to succeed in this field is more than plausible. The opposition, comes from a corner, of which we examine in this report, that is not surprising at all considering its sources.