Daily Report


July 30th 2010 • 10:15PM

Though Obama might try to conceal his racism, despite himself, it shows.

July 16th 2010 • 9:48PM

Lyndon LaRouche and Harley Schlanger discuss the Tensor and classical music in a special presentation.

July 15th 2010 • 11:56AM

Today's report discusses LaRouche's new economic forecasting program, and contains an excerpt from Lyndon LaRouche's appearance on the Weekly Report.

July 17th 2010 • 11:09PM

Interview with basement member Cody Jones, on LaRouche's recently commissioned Tensor Project.

July 15th 2010 • 4:38PM

Lydon LaRouche's "Getting Out In Time", and his launching of the revolutionary economic forecasting project with the Basement Research Team is the basis for understanding the real nature of the economic crisis. Cities and states are devastated around the United States by the economic crisis, but the Basement Research Team's forecasting project will show unequivocally why nothing less then removing Obama from office, and implementing a new Glass Steagall Act will solve the crisis.