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January 26th 2012 • 12:00PM

The current earthquake warning for the California-Mexico border zone counterposes the dangerous presidential leadership vacuum in this election, to the planetary defense initiatives being taken up by Lyndon LaRouche, the Basement Research Team and the Federal Slate of Candidates.

November 16th 2011 • 12:00PM

As long as people are too cowardly to openly denounce Obama as the killer that he is, then World War III is inevitable.

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November 2nd 2011 • 10:59AM

The Eurozone crisis and the crisis of a coming world war represent one single threat against civilization. In that context, we review recent remarks by Lyndon LaRouche, as the Middle East is targeted as the fuse to ignite a greater world war.

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October 12th 2011 • 11:13AM

With the long-awaited expansion of the EFSF bailout still pending and the succeeding ESM far from reach, can the bankrupt system wait that long, or will they opt for a dictatorial coup inside Europe, in the form of undermining the sovereignty of European nations to secure an unlimited expansion of the bailouts?

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September 21st 2011 • 10:39AM

The population's rejection of the reigning leadership on both sides of the Atlantic means WE are going to have fill this vacuum of leadership.

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January 5th 2012 • 8:45PM

What does it mean, to keep pace with the universe? How do we get a sense, in the mind, of what it is we must keep pace with-- which, if we fail to recognize it, will eat us all up, like the dinosaur? The longer our species tolerates the oligarchical principle-- tolerates the Obama Presidency-- the more we cripple our species ability to deal with these pressing problems.

November 9th 2011 • 12:08PM

Juxtaposed against the collapsing Trans-Atlantic system, the progress of the Eurasian powers is not only intolerable to the British monetary empire, but a threat to their system's continued existence. The empire's agenda is now thermonuclear genocide.

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October 26th 2011 • 10:36AM

Recent reports reveal that the killing of former Libyan leader, Gaddafi, was a conscious decision on the part of the White House. The murder of Gaddafi, and the authorized assassinations of U.S. citizens Al Awalki and others show us that Obama has no boundaries. LaRouche has warned, Obama's reign of terror is a terror that also threatens the United States. He must be stopped now, before it ever gets that far.

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September 28th 2011 • 10:38AM

In light of tomorrow's German Bundestag vote on expanding the European bailouts, we find that the percentage of parliamentarians who plan on voting for it are in inverse proportion to the percentage of the population who support it! This is not at all surprising. After all, the Trans-Atlantic system is dead. It's time to shift to the Pacific Alliance.

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September 14th 2011 • 10:44AM

As the latest LPAC feature documentary "10 Years Later" clearly exposed, our enemy is the British System. Today, much more desperate than they were a decade ago, they are ready to bring civilization down with them if need be. As the events of 9/11 prove, there's nothing they won't do to preserve their system.

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