Daily Report


October 7th 2010 • 8:30PM

Obama and his fellow British lackeys are putting the pressure on those nations still fighting for national sovereignty.

October 6th 2010 • 8:52PM

Your Wednesday evening report.

October 4th 2010 • 9:12PM

We have a special interview with western states LaRouchePAC spokesman Harley Schlanger on the implications of Govenator, Schwarzenegger's push for fiscal austerity.

October 4th 2010 • 10:43AM

Just because Congress went home doesn't mean the Glass-Steagall is on hold. Burn the ass of Congress and force the issue.

October 2nd 2010 • 11:18AM

In his Sept. 24 webcast, The New Economy, Lyndon LaRouche challenged the Congress to break from their historical impotence, by staying in session and passing Glass Steagall.

October 7th 2010 • 11:00AM

It's almost as if the 25th amendment was written for President Obama. The Fed continues to perpetrate crimes, as foreclosures illegally continue across this nation. Europe, although feeling the brunt of the collapsed Inter-Alpha Group, seems to be moving in the direction of Glass-Steagall. It's about time we did the same.

October 6th 2010 • 11:01AM

Your Wednesday morning report.

October 4th 2010 • 6:39PM

Juxtapose National Glass-Steagall Spokeswoman Rachel Brown's presentation in New York this weekend, to the cries of austerity and hyper-inflation by the British.

October 2nd 2010 • 10:59PM

To understand the position that the British Financial Empire, and its instruments are in, look to the Nazi Fascist Movement.

September 30th 2010 • 6:00PM

Congress is cutting and running when they should be fighting to reestablish the keystone legislation needed to bring this nation back from the brink of utter dismay. Also, don't miss the latest LPAC Weekly Report featuring Lyndon LaRouche.