Daily Report


June 7th 2010 • 8:51PM

Today, addressing a meeting of European associates, Lyndon LaRouche re-iterated that the global financial system is dead, and the euro system is one casualty of this.

June 5th 2010 • 6:11PM

Rachel for Congress Campaign turns up the heat on Glass Steagall, while Obama's follies in the gulf and Israel's criminal actions heat up the global strategic picture.

June 4th 2010 • 6:03PM

This report goes through Obama's tolerance of the Israeli attack on a Turkish flotilla headed to aid Gaza that resulted in the death of nine people (including one American) and also numerous injuries.

June 3rd 2010 • 11:55PM

Tens of thousands of barrels of oil have been pumping into the Gulf of Mexico everyday, since April 20th, 2010, creating what may be the greatest environmental disaster in US history. Yet, President Obama leaves the emergency in the hands of the same British criminals who caused the disaster. What is on Obama's mind?

June 2nd 2010 • 7:47PM

We are participating in a great tragedy— the self-destruction of the President of these United States, and it's our job, as citizens, to recognize this fact, and act accordingly.

June 7th 2010 • 10:53AM

About a year ago, a certain layer of the American population were enthralled at the sight of what they thought was the messiah. But it must have been a disappointment when it was reveled he can't walk on water and chew gum at the same time.

June 5th 2010 • 11:21AM

The Rachel Brown for Congress campaign shows leadership in Massachusetts, meanwhile Obama claims the economy is fixed.

June 4th 2010 • 11:30AM

This OTC report includes a survey of the latest political scandals Obama is involved in that could bring him down.

June 3rd 2010 • 11:11AM
June 2nd 2010 • 5:57PM

This report covers LaRouche's profile of Obama as an emperor Nero, who, in his final stages will have difficulty committing suicide, because his security will prevent him from doing so.