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March 31st 2011 • 8:35PM

The World, in Review for March 31, 2011

March 30th 2011 • 12:17AM

Your World in Perspective.

March 25th 2011 • 10:41PM

Space is not empty and therefore the laws of the universe can be known. Is there a cosmic cause of earthquakes? Do other planets have earthquakes? A report on a study of Lunar quakes. We see once again, space exploration is an imperative for man's survival. We cannot afford shutting down space exploration programs like the Constellation program and the DesDynI satellite. We cannot afford Obama.

March 23rd 2011 • 11:04PM

Your World in Perspective.

October 18th 2010 • 7:10PM

The Chilean miners rescue operation headed by NASA proves that you can't put a value on human life; a principle which Obama willfully denies.

March 30th 2011 • 7:53PM

Your World in Perspective.

March 28th 2011 • 10:14AM
March 24th 2011 • 11:38PM

The World in Radiation.

October 23rd 2010 • 9:34PM

Your Saturday Evening Report.

October 17th 2010 • 1:00AM

With crucial assistance from NASA, 33 Chilean miners were rescued from deep within the earth. Obama is killing manned space flight, through cutting the budget; what kind of delusional narcissist takes credit for the rescue, made possible by the exact program that he is destroying?