Daily Report


October 13th 2011 • 10:11AM

The push for dictatorship is being driven from both sides of the Atlantic. We present the picture of why Americans don't assassinate, as those who support it do so from the standpoint of turning the US into an empire.

October 6th 2011 • 11:13AM

While the German coalition talks break down over whether or not a city should be modern, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is pushing forward with the development of a Eurasian Union.

September 29th 2011 • 11:15AM

Europe has shown a disregard for reality, as the German nation just voted in favor of the expansion of the EFSF. As discussed on LPAC, the only future the world can look forward to lies in the three powers proposal of Lyndon LaRouche.

September 16th 2011 • 10:05AM

While we don't know what will happen with Tim Geithner's already doomed bailout policy for Europe, we do know that the trans-Atlantic system if finished. Only an understanding between Russia, China, and the United States can get us out of this crisis, which will require the immediate removal of Obama.

September 9th 2011 • 9:46AM

As Obama delivered his fascist jobs speech last night, Southern California had widespread power outages, town in the Northeast were destroyed by floodwaters, and wildfires destroyed Texas. Only LaRouche's seven steps can get us out of this crisis, and today we review the Darien Gap as typical of that process.

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October 7th 2011 • 10:33AM

Without the intervention from the United States in building the Great Pacific Alliance with Russia and China, Europe is most certainly lost. Some are fighting on the basis of that reality, but we cannot rest on the hopes that anybody else will remove Obama, only the citizenry can do that. We must do that, if we hope to survive as a nation.

September 30th 2011 • 10:32AM

Our continued existence demands that we dump the notion that there are limits to growth, and move with the NAWAPA perspective, and the great pacific alliance. We need Obama out now, and we need a real president to restore our country to it’s rightful place in world history, as the temple of liberty and the beacon of hope for all mankind.

September 23rd 2011 • 9:58AM

Europe is collapsing, the globe is racing towards hyperinflation, we face the threat of galactic triggered extreme weather events. We have a president going through psychological breakdown, and a congress that refuses to fight.

September 15th 2011 • 11:19AM

A strategic collaboration between the United States, Russia and China, is essential for any actual recovery. With our president headed towards psychological breakdown, the outcome can surely go in the opposite direction, so it’s time to make use of the constitution and send this president out the door, before he destroys it entirely.

September 9th 2011 • 2:16AM

A confluence of events across the country this evening has prompted us here at LPAC to present a top down look at our nation tonight from the stand point of something very close to a national emergency situation.