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November 11th 2010 • 11:49PM

Today's world in perspective

October 29th 2010 • 10:37AM

Your Friday morning report.

October 27th 2010 • 3:59PM

Like a Malaysian Monkey Trap: sometimes you just have to let go. Let Obama to an early retirement, and we can get about the business of the nation.

October 9th 2010 • 10:37PM
October 7th 2010 • 11:00AM

It's almost as if the 25th amendment was written for President Obama. The Fed continues to perpetrate crimes, as foreclosures illegally continue across this nation. Europe, although feeling the brunt of the collapsed Inter-Alpha Group, seems to be moving in the direction of Glass-Steagall. It's about time we did the same.

November 4th 2010 • 10:13AM

Your morning overview, presented daily with a focus on international developments.

October 27th 2010 • 6:51PM

We don’t have any more time to wait: the time to move, the time to send Obama to an early retirement is now. We, the People of the United States, are ready for this; The strategic crisis around the globe demands it-- our Posterity demands it.

October 13th 2010 • 11:15AM

Your Wednesday morning report.

October 7th 2010 • 8:30PM

Obama and his fellow British lackeys are putting the pressure on those nations still fighting for national sovereignty.

October 6th 2010 • 8:52PM

Your Wednesday evening report.