Sen. Scott Brown changed his vote to give Wall Street’s Senator Dodd the decisive vote for cloture on the so-called Financial Reform bill May 20 after receiving assurances that Boston’s financial institutions, known as “the Vault,” would be exempted from “Volcker Rule” requirements.

The three LaRouche Democratic candidates who are leading LPAC's national campaign to rally patriots around restoring Glass-Steagall, all issued statements pledging an escalated mobilization today, in the wake the failure of the cloture vote on the Dodd amendment.

Like a K.O.'d prize-fighter, Utah's Senator Bob Bennett awoke bleary eyed, to describe the unexpected punch — from the mass strike process increasingly gripping U.S. politics — that knocked him out of renomination at the state Republican convention a week ago.

The Summer Shields for Congress campaign got out early on Friday, May 14, to the transit stations in San Francisco and distributed leaflets calling for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

The national LaRouche campaign, led by Congressional candidates Rachel Brown, Kesha Rogers, and Summer Shields, took the urban centers in their districts yesterday, to mobilize the population for Glass-Steagall.