It is not every day that spokesmen of the British Empire and its Rothschild-linked Inter-Alpha Group come out and openly broadcast their fear of defeat. But that is what the City of London's Financial Times" did, in an editorial which concludes: "Desperate times need desperate measures.

The LaRouche movement's Russian-language website has posted the first LPAC release on Kesha Rogers' victory, with Harley Schlanger's remarks. At the same time, at least two blogs, one of them the major Alexsword blog, took the story from the LPAC site directly.

"Houston, We Have a Problem! A LaRouche associate wins Democratic primary in largest Texan city," are the header and sub-head of an article published on the Telepolis website, a left-wing Berlin-based internet daily.

In an unusual Sunday morning press release, the White House announced that "On April 15, President Barack Obama will visit Florida to host a White House conference on the Administration's new vision for America's future in space." Such is the quality of the White House response to Kesha Rogers' victory on a program led by "Save NASA. Impeach Obama."

The reverberations from the Kesha Rogers' victory last week in Texas continue to spread, as Kesha was the guest, along with Harley Schlanger, on the popular Sunday morning talk show on Magic 98.9 FM radio in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by Khari Enaharo.