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[pretitle]On The 145th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Birth:[/pretitle]
[title]Let Us Join Narendra Modi's "Mass Movement for Development"[/title]

[author]by Kesha Rogers, LaRouchPAC Policy Committee[/author]
[date]October 2, 2014[/date]

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, finishing up his triumphant visit to the United States, sent out a tweet this week simply expressing the main message he brought to Americans: "Let us make development a mass movement, just like Mahatma Gandhi made the freedom movement a mass movement."...

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The following message of Congratulations to the people of India upon the success of its orbital mission to Mars, was written by Kesha Rogers, former candidate and Democratic nominee for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas in 2010-2012, and former candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014. She writes:


In the referendum on the independence of Scotland, London once again got its way, by the skin of its teeth—at least for the time being—thanks to a massive campaign of scare tactics...