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A Brief History of Lyndon LaRouche's Strategic Defense Initiative

The Power of Ideas: LaRouche's SDI Changed The World

By Jeff Steinberg. President Ronald Reagan changed the world by delivering the following brief message at the close of his nationwide televised address: "In recent months," the President said, "... my advisors ... have underscored the necessity to break out of a future that relies solely on offensive retaliation for our security. Over the course of these discussions I have become more and more deeply convinced that the human spirit must be capable of rising above dealing with other nations and human beings by threatening their existence.... Wouldn't it be better to save lives than to avenge them? Are we not capable of demonstrating our peaceful intentions by applying all our abilities and our ingenuity to achieving a truly lasting stability? I think we are—indeed we must!

A Lesson From Ronald Reagan: Of British Fools and "Post" Reviewers

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. The collapse of the Soviet system, from the close of 1989 onward, became the opening of the silly season for a U.S.A. which had been, thus, suddenly released from the grip of the kind of deadly seriousness which had held the attention of the leading powers, and others, of the planet, since the onset of the Great Depression and the rise of the Hitler regime. For the triumphant leading powers of the U.S.A. and what had been formerly "western Europe," the collapse of the Soviet system encouraged their wishful delusion, that the fearful "outside world" was no longer there. For some, real history had ended. For them, the world had become a doll-house world in which we of George H.W. Bush's U.S.A. and Margaret Thatcher's London had Europe in her handbag, such that we, as the leading powers, could make up children's stories we wrote, and games we would invent, tunes to which the rest of the world must now dance.