On Saturday, March 10th at 4:30pm EST / 1:30pm PST, Lyndon LaRouche was joined on Skype by the slate of six LaRouche PAC-endorsed congressional candidates to host a national townhall meeting held simultaneously at six locations across the country. The presentation addressed American citizens on the nature of the current threat, including the potential for thermonuclear war, and what must be done immediately to prevent it. Following the address there was an opportunity to ask questions from both the live and internet audiences.

High-Definition Streams of Keynote and Q&A

Question 1: How do we fight back?
Question 2: A Report on the Situation in Greece
Question 3: What do you think about Kony 2012?
Question 4: The Meaning of Value in a Credit Versus a Monetarist System
Question 5: Obama and Joe Biden
Question 6: Is Obama Planning the Mass Murder of American Citizens?
Question 7: What it the strategy behind House Concurrent Resolution 107?
Question 8: What can we do to fight the financial oligarchy?
Question 9: How do we form a new relationship with Iran?
Question 10: How do we get through to our congressmen?
Question 11: What is the difference between predicting and forecasting?
Question 12: What is the importance of Bretton-Woods?
Question 13: How will Glass-Steagall bring back jobs and how can we support impeachment?