March 19th 2013 • 11:33PM

On March 19th Lyndon LaRouche appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Here is the full 40 minute interview that covers a range of topics from the threat of thermonuclear war and asteroid defense to the complete breakdown taking place in Europe as seen by the recent events in Cyprus.


February 27th 2013 • 1:55PM

Understanding how Johannes Kepler made the discoveries presented in his New Astronomy (the first work of modern science), is crucial for understanding economics: an “inside view” of the creative process is key to understanding how the human species develops as a species.

December 17th 2012 • 2:39PM

A duet interview with political organizers and musicians Liliana Gorini and Kwame Cole from Europe on the role of Classical Art in creativity. For more visit our new Einstein page at

March 11th 2013 • 12:00PM
January 5th 2013 • 2:02AM

The fourteenth Friday webcasts by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American people.

December 16th 2012 • 8:30PM

At a Detroit Town Hall meeting going through the NAWAPA program for Bill Robert's congressional campaign, Shawna Halevy presents the evolutionary process of Einstein's character as an example of how mankind as a whole can progress.
Visit our new Einstein page for more!

Weekly Report Special: The Economics of Extinction
January 26th 2012 • 8:57PM

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