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October 17th 2012 • 4:58PM
October 3rd 2012 • 4:39PM
September 5th 2012 • 5:01PM
August 22nd 2012 • 3:50PM

What lies beyond the edge of the solar system? And, dealing with the limitations of light-speed communication.

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October 10th 2012 • 5:04PM

MP3 Audio - In this week's episode, we continue the discussion around the implication's of the SDE proposal with a discussion of the limitations of sense certainty, and the type of revolution in thinking necessary to both get out of the political and economic mess we are in and make a scientific revolution.

September 12th 2012 • 2:55PM
August 29th 2012 • 4:07PM

What will it take to defend earth from asteroids and comets? And, an even more pressing question: What will it take to make sure Obama is NOT re-elected?

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August 15th 2012 • 3:46PM

Science research team members discuss Obama's true intentions about NASA, and the prospects of setting up an asteroid and comet defense system. Lyndon LaRouche argues that we need a credible political pathway to victory in order to achieve our space exploration goals.