Yes, The Queen of England pushes dope, and we don't just mean Barack Obama.

During the 19th century, in the name of “free trade”, the British Empire under Queen Victoria and Lord Palmerston launched two infamous “opium wars” against China, where the British forced China to open their sea ports to the opium market. This was accomplished after the Chinese Emperor had attempted to ban the drug from the country, but with a Chinese army crippled by years of opium addiction and an unmatched technological capability, the Empire's gunboats beat them to submission.

Today, that very same Brutish Empire continues to dominate the dope trade in the interest of destroying Nation States. Aside from crippling the minds of those people whose nations are being plagued by the Queen's dope, the cash flows generated from the sale from the trafficking of opium, has proven to be the sole greatest source of funding for the logistical base of international terrorism, including the Taliban. Since British troops have been deployed into Afghanistan's Helmand province, beginning in 2006, opium production soared, currently producing almost 50% of Afghanistan's total opium production. The policy of U.S. President Barack Obama is to deploy U.S. troops to defend that main source for terrorism's logistical base, a policy in the interest of the British Empire. Our policy is to eradicate the drug, putting an end to British dope inc.

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The Queen Does Push Dope!

By Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. Yes, Mabel, the Queen of England does push dope. Anyone who seeks to deny this now, is worse than a Nazi-like liar. Worse, her government is presently engaged in the greatest attempt at mass-murder, planet-wide, in world history to date. In her regime's effort to bring about the great, world-wide genocide advocated by the World Wildlife Fund of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, her minions have also attempted to destroy the most prominent force against genocide operating world-wide today, the Catholic Church.

Our Exit Strategy: Bomb The Opium

Video documenting our policy towards eradicating Afghanistan opium production, a policy rejected by the Obama administration.

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